Flash Your Sign During Awards

One of the funnest things about any dance competition is the awards.  The dances and stressful costume changes are done.  It’s time for the dancers to celebrate and wait for the results.

Most of the time there’s fun dance music cranked up while the final scores are being tabulated.  It’s during this time everyone waiting on stage cuts loose and dances.

It’s also a great time to highlight your studio pride.  To do this you need a sign!  I’ve been meaning to make them for my dancers for a season or two but just never got around to it.

Last year on the way home from our final competition my girls put the pressure on.  They really wanted signs.  I agreed we’d get them done for this season but that I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to take our signs up a notch by using LED lights.

We found some inexpensive ones on Amazon and ordered them. No turning back.  Once they were ordered I was committed… even though I still didn’t get it done before the first competition.

We’re headed to one this weekend so I knew I needed to get it done. Fortunately, I had the day off, so with a table full of craft supplies from our stockpile (and a trip to Michaels) I was ready to get started.

Dance sign supplies

Not wanting to do 2 exactly alike I opted to do one square shaped and another longer to be held up vertically.  I was able to get both out of a sheet of foam core with enough left over to make a 3rd if needed.

I chose the foam core because it’s lightweight and I could get one side already colored red, one of our studio’s colors.

Next it was time to map out my ideas.

Laying out the dance signs

Of course one of the keys to making the sign was to use E600.  Every dance family should have a tube or two of this around the house and in their Dream Duffel.


The most challenging part of the whole process was deciding where to put the LED lights and how to attach them.  I went with around the border, securing them with colored duct tape.  It worked well but was a little tedious cutting strips to go in between every light.

Dance sign in progress


In a couple of hours I was able to put together 2 pretty good looking signs!

Finished Square Dance Sign

Finished Vertical Dance SignHave you made signs for your dancers?  Head over to my Facebook Page and share a picture.  I’d love to see them!



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