Do It Yourself Ballet Barre

My oldest daughter is a big fan of Pinterest.  She’s used it to find lots of great craft ideas, crock pot recipes, and plenty of dance related things.  She asked for one of the ideas she found for Christmas.

She wanted a ballet barre for her room so she could practice Pointe at home.  The one she was eyeing was made out of PVC pipe and parts. Cool.  Any excuse to go to the Home Depot works for me!

I searched online and saw several different ideas.  We took what others had done and adapted it for our needs.  For a little less than $32 and a half hour of time we were able to make a ballet barre that my daughter loves.

My wife and I didn’t give it to her already made.   I wanted my daughter to help me build it.  Plus, I figured she would want to give input on the dimensions.

We wrapped up the smaller parts so she could unwrap them on Christmas morning.  She’s probably the only 13 girl I know who got super excited after opening a box of PVC parts.

We used two 10 foot lengths 1.5″ PVC pipe.  Cut one of the pipes in half giving you 2 five foot lengths.

Cut the other pipe into 2 two foot lengths and 6  one foot lengths. You can adjust the 2 foot lengths later to match the height of your dancer.

We chose not to glue the pieces together.  My daughter likes how she can “twist” the legs so it can sit flush against her bedroom wall.

When it warms up we’ll take sandpaper and sand off the printed letters and numbers on the PVC pipe and spray paint it.  Below are pics of the parts and lay out.  It should be everything you need to make one yourself.  Let me know if you have questions.

PVC Ballet Bar Parts

PVC Ballet Bar Caps PVC Ballet Bar Elbows for feet PVC Ballet Bar Elbow PVC Ballet Bar Tees

PVC Ballet Bar Layout

PVC Ballet Bar Legs

Finished PVC Ballet Barre



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    1. I appreciate the comments, Catherine. Feel free to share it with any families who might want to make their own. BTW, thanks for inspiring the next generation of dancers.

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