Wow! Just, Wow!

It’s sometimes funny how life works.  Recently I posted about what makes a dance memorable to me.

Then later that same day a dance instructor friend of mine shared a video on Facebook that is a prime example.

If you have 4 minutes today take a moment and watch this video by a Japanese troupe who combine dancing, light, and technology into an amazing and memorable performance.


I Didn’t Expect That

When you go to a lot of dance competitions you see a lot of dance routines.  They can all start to blend together but every once in a while you’ll see one that stands out.

Most of the times it’s because it includes an element or two that as an audience member you didn’t expect.  That’s the case with a lyrical dance I saw recently.

First, it started with a very sparse, female sung version of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”.  That caught my attention right away.  (I really like the different musical selections you hear at recitals and competitions. Perhaps another post for another time).

The next thing I noticed was that all the dancers were dressed in white.  Except for one.  It was an interesting visual contrast.

The dance also incorporated two long, white fabric runners.  It was a prop I had never seen used in quite the way they did.

At the culmination of the number all the dancers wearing white swarmed and surrounded the dancer wearing black.  When this crowd peeled away from her the black costume was gone.  It was replaced by a white one.

I did not see that coming.  I’ve seen that dance several times and each time the dancers pull off the on-stage costume change brilliantly.

I remember all the dances my daughters are in but most of the dances that I remember that they aren’t in all have some aspect to them that I didn’t expect.

Ever seen or been part of a dance that included something unusual or an element of surprise?


Welcome To Dance Dad University!

Hello and welcome to Dance Dad University.  This website has been in my mind for awhile.  I first got the idea after my Dance Dad 101 post was well received on my other blog.

At the time I heard from lots of guys who enjoyed being Dance Dads. It didn’t seem like there was a place on the internet for them.  I also got plenty of feedback from Dance Moms too!

There are plenty of sites out there for Dance Moms.  Many have to deal with the A&E reality show.  It’s entertaining television but not the reality for our dance family.

My hope for this site is to provide a positive place where dance dads, moms, and families can learn more about and discuss dance.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  What’s your connection to the dance world?  Leave a comment and let me know.