More Random Thoughts From A Dance Competition: Part 2

This past weekend was the final competition of our dance team’s regular season.  The fog has lifted from my dance competition weekend hangover enough to share a few of the thoughts I had with you.  Here’ they are:

  • Put the iPad away, Grandma. There’s no pics or videos in here today. Plus, you look silly holding that thing up.
  • Nothing like starting a dance competition with a song about death.
  • I like my music loud but they could really dial it down a notch today.
  • Nice. They’ve got the stage mic’d so you can really hear & appreciate the cloggers & tappers.
  • These girls are 8. Why did you give them choreography & costumes more appropriate for 18 year olds?
  • The prop trailer is unloaded & paint touched up. Is it break time yet?
  • It shouldn’t have taken that long to put 12 umbrellas on the stage.
  • If I could ban 1 song from dance competition use what would it be?
  • Show some respect, people. Only talk/enter/exit between dances. Not while the performers are on stage.
  • It’s always the dance moms that yell “go girls” when the dancers come on stage. I’ve never heard a dance dad do that. (Not judging. Just an observation).
  • I know they’re sharing the stage but your dancer’s head could fall off & I’d probably miss it because I’m focusing on my daughter.
  • Your dance was good but the many prop malfunctions were very distracting.
  • A hair bow just fell out on stage. I feel sorry for the dance mom that put it in. Abby Lee Miller would not be pleased!
  • 3rd performance of “Rotten To The Core” today. Each 1 distinctly different but I don’t need to see another one this weekend.
  • Someone near me smells like lemon scented Pledge.
  • I swear this kid has been in at least 10 dances today. I’d hate to pay her dance competition fees!
  • Oh, Yay! Another dance to Rotten To The Core. (You read that with sarcasm, right?)
  • I like this kid & I don’t even know her! Q: Congrats. Would you like to give a shout out to anyone? A: God, my parents, & choreographer.
  • And now the top 3 groups wearing blue costumes. Just kidding but these awards are really dragging & that’s what it feels like.
  • Yeah. Good idea stopping to take your kid’s picture right where everyone’s walking. There’s an open wall around the corner.
  • Up & ready to go for day 2. Need coffee. Need. Coffee. Now!
  • Every dance competition should start the day with a few hip hop numbers to get some energy in the room.
  • Ouch. that music edit was jarring.
  • I wonder if I could start a small business editing music.
  • Hair bow down. Hair bow down.
  • Coffee = dance fuel!
  • It’s fun hearing someone near you make a snarky comment at the start of your dance only to have to eat their words when it’s over!
  • Wow! A good dance routine is good whether it’s from our studio or not. I’d love to see that last modern piece again.
  • And here we go with Dear Future Husband. Make it stop! At least it’s not another Rotten To The Core.
  • “Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now” should be retired as a dance competition song.
  • Don’t be shy if the MC asks what studio you’re from & who choreographed your number. It means you did well. Say it loud & proud!
  • This auditorium is freezing. Glad I decided not to wear shorts.
  • Maneuvering thru the halls of this dance competition around all the groups practicing is like a human version of Frogger or Crossy Road.
  • Backstage getting ready to set my daughter’s solo prop. I swear I’m always more nervous than her.
  • Ugh! I can already tell tomorrow morning is gonna be rough. (It was).
  • I wish we had another competition weekend!
  • At least there’s recitals and nationals to look forward to.



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