Dance Competition Etiquette

I’m in my 5th year of being a Competition Dance Dad.  Over the course of those 5 years I’ve noticed that the way people act at dance competitions has gotten progressively worse.

A lot of times it’s not the dance families displaying the rude behavior… it’s friends and extended family that might not know any better.   I thought I’d offer up some rules of etiquette for those new to dance competitions.

  1. Turn the ringer off on your phone (and the electronic devices you brought to entertain your kids).  A ringing phone is a big distraction for everyone.
  2. Turn the brightness down on your smartphones and tablets. Auditoriums are dark.  Having your device at full brightness is annoying.
  3. Only enter and move around between dances.
  4. When you find a seat sit down quickly.  We paid good money to watch our kids dance.  I’m not exactly sure how much.  See lesson #1 of Dance Dad 101.
  5. Keep your conversations down and only between dances and at breaks.
  6. Watch your comments.  You never know what studio or dancer those around you belong to.
  7. Find an appropriate place to take pictures.  Right outside the auditorium doors in the traffic flow is not a good place.
  8. If the competition says “no pictures or video” they mean no pictures or videos.  If they allow pictures make sure your flash is off.
  9. If you need to smoke do it in your car and not at the front of the building.

What did I miss? What would you add to this list?

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