Wordless Wednesday – Picture #11

Pink Pointe Shoes

“It’s not about the shoes. It’s about knowing where you’re going. Not forgetting where you started. It’s about having the courage to fail. Not breaking when you’re broken. Taking everything you’ve been given and making something better. It’s about work before glory. And what’s inside of you. It’s doing what they say you can’t. It’s not about the shoes. It’s about what you do in them. It’s about being who you were born to be.” – Michael Jordan

It's not about the shoes. It's about what you do in them. It's about being who you were born to be. - Michael Jordan Click To Tweet

More Random Thoughts From A Dance Competition: Part 2

This past weekend was the final competition of our dance team’s regular season.  The fog has lifted from my dance competition weekend hangover enough to share a few of the thoughts I had with you.  Here’ they are:

  • Put the iPad away, Grandma. There’s no pics or videos in here today. Plus, you look silly holding that thing up.
  • Nothing like starting a dance competition with a song about death.
  • I like my music loud but they could really dial it down a notch today.
  • Nice. They’ve got the stage mic’d so you can really hear & appreciate the cloggers & tappers.
  • These girls are 8. Why did you give them choreography & costumes more appropriate for 18 year olds?
  • The prop trailer is unloaded & paint touched up. Is it break time yet?
  • It shouldn’t have taken that long to put 12 umbrellas on the stage.
  • If I could ban 1 song from dance competition use what would it be?
  • Show some respect, people. Only talk/enter/exit between dances. Not while the performers are on stage.
  • It’s always the dance moms that yell “go girls” when the dancers come on stage. I’ve never heard a dance dad do that. (Not judging. Just an observation).
  • I know they’re sharing the stage but your dancer’s head could fall off & I’d probably miss it because I’m focusing on my daughter.
  • Your dance was good but the many prop malfunctions were very distracting.
  • A hair bow just fell out on stage. I feel sorry for the dance mom that put it in. Abby Lee Miller would not be pleased!
  • 3rd performance of “Rotten To The Core” today. Each 1 distinctly different but I don’t need to see another one this weekend.
  • Someone near me smells like lemon scented Pledge.
  • I swear this kid has been in at least 10 dances today. I’d hate to pay her dance competition fees!
  • Oh, Yay! Another dance to Rotten To The Core. (You read that with sarcasm, right?)
  • I like this kid & I don’t even know her! Q: Congrats. Would you like to give a shout out to anyone? A: God, my parents, & choreographer.
  • And now the top 3 groups wearing blue costumes. Just kidding but these awards are really dragging & that’s what it feels like.
  • Yeah. Good idea stopping to take your kid’s picture right where everyone’s walking. There’s an open wall around the corner.
  • Up & ready to go for day 2. Need coffee. Need. Coffee. Now!
  • Every dance competition should start the day with a few hip hop numbers to get some energy in the room.
  • Ouch. that music edit was jarring.
  • I wonder if I could start a small business editing music.
  • Hair bow down. Hair bow down.
  • Coffee = dance fuel!
  • It’s fun hearing someone near you make a snarky comment at the start of your dance only to have to eat their words when it’s over!
  • Wow! A good dance routine is good whether it’s from our studio or not. I’d love to see that last modern piece again.
  • And here we go with Dear Future Husband. Make it stop! At least it’s not another Rotten To The Core.
  • “Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now” should be retired as a dance competition song.
  • Don’t be shy if the MC asks what studio you’re from & who choreographed your number. It means you did well. Say it loud & proud!
  • This auditorium is freezing. Glad I decided not to wear shorts.
  • Maneuvering thru the halls of this dance competition around all the groups practicing is like a human version of Frogger or Crossy Road.
  • Backstage getting ready to set my daughter’s solo prop. I swear I’m always more nervous than her.
  • Ugh! I can already tell tomorrow morning is gonna be rough. (It was).
  • I wish we had another competition weekend!
  • At least there’s recitals and nationals to look forward to.



Dance Competition Etiquette

I’m in my 5th year of being a Competition Dance Dad.  Over the course of those 5 years I’ve noticed that the way people act at dance competitions has gotten progressively worse.

A lot of times it’s not the dance families displaying the rude behavior… it’s friends and extended family that might not know any better.   I thought I’d offer up some rules of etiquette for those new to dance competitions.

  1. Turn the ringer off on your phone (and the electronic devices you brought to entertain your kids).  A ringing phone is a big distraction for everyone.
  2. Turn the brightness down on your smartphones and tablets. Auditoriums are dark.  Having your device at full brightness is annoying.
  3. Only enter and move around between dances.
  4. When you find a seat sit down quickly.  We paid good money to watch our kids dance.  I’m not exactly sure how much.  See lesson #1 of Dance Dad 101.
  5. Keep your conversations down and only between dances and at breaks.
  6. Watch your comments.  You never know what studio or dancer those around you belong to.
  7. Find an appropriate place to take pictures.  Right outside the auditorium doors in the traffic flow is not a good place.
  8. If the competition says “no pictures or video” they mean no pictures or videos.  If they allow pictures make sure your flash is off.
  9. If you need to smoke do it in your car and not at the front of the building.

What did I miss? What would you add to this list?

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Empty Dance Stage